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Dr.Gustav Quade
Institut of Medical Biometry, Informatics and Epidemiology


Education: Physician  - specialized in medical informatics.
Areas of concern: Design of hospital information systems.
Conception and operation of prominent medically oriented www information services for patients and physicians in Germany.
Memberships: Founding member and until 2003 secretary of the HL7 user group in Germany.
Vice-chairman of the GMDS study group Internet.
University responsibilities: Since 1994 elected as senator of the university of Bonn.
Since 1996 member of the board of the national association of the "Akademischer Mittelbau" (assistant professors).
Since October 2002 Chair and speaker of the national association of the "Akademischer Mittelbau".
Reserch projects:


Austral On-line Network for Medical Auditing and Teleassistance seeks to improve the health care services in rural areas of South America by employing telemedicine.
CancerNet: To improve the quality of health care for cancer patients, since early 1994 information from the National Cancer Institute encompassing all areas of cancer are offered via the web. This includes guidelines (including links to literature) concerning diagnosis and treatment of more than 80 major cancers. This information is made available to patients in lay language.



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