WORA Installation Guide

Oracle-related Setup

To function properly you need extra Oracle pseudo user. I called him "httpd". Just grant to him select priveleges on those tables/views you wanna make public.
Program uses some additional table "httpd.descriptions", but it's entirely optional. Look at HTTPD script for template.

You should have file (defaults to /etc/oracleserver) to define Oracle server, which in the simplest case contains P:orac,4096 connect string.


Below follows description of parameters found in conf.h file which are subject to changes.
ORACLESERVER ("/etc/oracleserver")
Filename where information on DB connection is stored. Default contents of this file implies that HTTP server and DB are on the same machine. If not so, consult your Oracle Administration Guide.
NAME_PASSWD ("httpd tiger")
Oracle username and password to use when connecting to the DB.
DESCRIPTIONS_TABLE ("httpd.descriptions")
Table with short descriptions of public tables ( incliding itself). After changing this edit HTTPD script also.
ADMIN ("ocr")
Your WORA service administrator.
CGI-script location in your machine.
URL of the document with explanations to WORA form.
URL of WORA Home Page.
WORA form output document title.
WORA form output document 1-st level header.
Name used in syslogging.

Makefile and Compiling

As usually, to precompile Oracle application a lot of conf.h
  • userid in PCCDEFS definition string. Note, that it may be not httpd user, but e.g. you. Notes