Medline: 6360325

Cancer 53(1): 1-8, 1984.

Efficacy of prolonged intermittent therapy with combined 5-fluorouracil and methyl-CCNU following resection for carcinoma of the large bowel: a Veterans Administration Surgical Oncology Group report.

Higgins GA, Amadeo JH, McElhinney J, et al.


This prospective evaluation of 5-FU and methyl-CCNU administered in combination to patients with curative surgery for histologically proved colorectal adenocarcinoma is based upon 645 patients randomized between August 1973 and July 1979. Beyond the requirement that the resection be clinically and microscopically complete, patients were not stratified prior to random treatment assignment to surgery alone or surgery followed by adjuvant chemotherapy. Drug therapy consisted of discrete 5-day courses administered at 7-week intervals, start to start. Toxic reactions were reported in association with 40% of courses. In 10% of patients with hematologic toxicity, the reactions were sufficiently severe to require the suspension or discontinuation of treatment. Treated patients experienced a slightly more favorable survival than did controls. However, the advantage was seen only in the 216 patients (34% of total) with one to four positive lymph nodes in the resected specimen. Similar proportions of treated and control deaths were attributed to residual or recurrent disease.

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