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Health professionals (Screening, and Prevention)

Prevention of Breast CancerPreventionCDR0000062779
Screening for Breast CancerScreeningCDR0000062751
Screening for NeuroblastomaScreeningCDR0000062795
Prevention and Cessation of Cigarette Smoking: Control of Tobacco UsePreventionCDR0000062879
Screening for Testicular CancerScreeningCDR0000062754
Prevention of Cervical CancerPreventionCDR0000062762
Screening for Cervical CancerScreeningCDR0000062756
Prevention of Endometrial CancerPreventionCDR0000062823
Screening for Endometrial CancerScreeningCDR0000062819
Prevention of Ovarian CancerPreventionCDR0000062771
Screening for Ovarian CancerScreeningCDR0000062760
Prevention of Colorectal CancerPreventionCDR0000062763
Screening for Colorectal CancerScreeningCDR0000062753
Prevention of Esophageal CancerPreventionCDR0000062880
Screening for Esophageal CancerScreeningCDR0000062877
Prevention of Gastric CancerPreventionCDR0000062830
Screening for Gastric CancerScreeningCDR0000062757
Screening for Hepatocellular CancerScreeningCDR0000062840
Screening for Oral CancerScreeningCDR0000062752
Screening for Bladder CancerScreeningCDR0000062875
Prevention of Prostate CancerPreventionCDR0000062833
Screening for Prostate CancerScreeningCDR0000062755
Prevention of Skin CancerPreventionCDR0000062764
Screening for Skin CancerScreeningCDR0000062750
Prevention of Lung CancerPreventionCDR0000062824
Screening for Lung CancerScreeningCDR0000062832
Prevention of Oral CancerPreventionCDR0000062837
Cancer Prevention OverviewPreventionCDR0000062765
Cancer Screening OverviewScreeningCDR0000062758
Genetic Testing for Cancer RiskScreeningCDR0000062791

Patients (Screening, and Prevention)

Screening for Bladder CancerScreeningCDR0000062883
Prevention of Breast CancerPreventionCDR0000062809
Screening for Breast CancerScreeningCDR0000062777
Prevention of Cervical CancerPreventionCDR0000062817
Screening for Cervical CancerScreeningCDR0000062800
Prevention of Colorectal CancerPreventionCDR0000062813
Screening for Colorectal CancerScreeningCDR0000062798
Prevention of Endometrial CancerPreventionCDR0000062851
Screening for Endometrial CancerScreeningCDR0000062848
Prevention of Esophageal CancerPreventionCDR0000062888
Screening for Esophageal CancerScreeningCDR0000062887
Prevention of Gastric CancerPreventionCDR0000062850
Screening for Gastric CancerScreeningCDR0000062812
Prevention of Oral CancerPreventionCDR0000062852
Screening for Oral CancerScreeningCDR0000062816
Screening for Hepatocellular CancerScreeningCDR0000062847
Prevention of Lung CancerPreventionCDR0000062825
Screening for Lung CancerScreeningCDR0000062874
Screening for NeuroblastomaScreeningCDR0000062849
Prevention of Ovarian CancerPreventionCDR0000062822
Screening for Ovarian CancerScreeningCDR0000062803
Prevention of Prostate CancerPreventionCDR0000062853
Screening for Prostate CancerScreeningCDR0000062801
Prevention of Skin CancerPreventionCDR0000062802
Screening for Skin CancerScreeningCDR0000062807
Prevention and Cessation of Cigarette Smoking: Control of Tobacco UsePreventionCDR0000062889
Screening for Testicular CancerScreeningCDR0000062873

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